Sample excerpts from the English translation [Spoiler Alert!]

There are many stunning innovations in the Icelandic edition of Dracula, which do not appear in the 1897 original novel. Here we will share some of these with you, to make you even more curious:-)

One of the most significant changes is the largely expanded role of the fair-haired vampire girl, who besets Harker with her incessant thirst for erotic intimacy:

In the western tower, Harker meets with a blonde vampire girl who tries to seduce him.

When the light vanished I lost sight of her, but I could feel her coming closer and bending over me. I turned feeble, unable to move – 
Lightning struck again, and I saw her face right next to mine; she stared straight into my eyes, her lips parted. I saw the necklace around her neck, which was bare right down to her bosom. I could see how she sank down on her knees by the bench on which I sat. Then unbroken blackness surrounded me once more and I seemed to be tumbling, deep, down, somewhere, into semi-unconsciousness. The flowery fragrance had half numbed me, but I could still feel her soft feminine arms wrap around me; her breath on my face and her lips pressing to my throat –   

The first rendez-vous is only the start of a whole series of intimate encounters.

  I leaned back in the chair and looked at her. A ray of light revealed the ruby heart on her chest and it seemed to me as though blood ran from it. Was I asleep? At first I only saw the beam in her eyes, but then I clearly saw that her bosom was bloody, and I remember how horrified I was. What happened next I only recall as if from a dream in which truth and fantasy merge. She sank down on my knee, and I felt her soft body in my arms as she wrapped hers around me so tightly that I could hardly breathe. I can still feel how she pressed her lips to my neck with a long, quivering kiss. It was as if I melted and lost all awareness, as if time and space dissolved. But then I woke up in pain and she whispered to me impetuously, “Take away the cross − the cross, I cannot stand it − take it away.”  

From a chapter omitted from the 1901 Hardcover edition, demonstrating Harker's emotional dependency.

Whether I am awake or sleeping, she haunts me – this strange creature. She scares me, and yet she attracts my thoughts, harder and harder. I don’t understand how I have changed − how I have become crazed and obsessed.
I have seen her again, although I have sworn a solemn oath – more than once! – that I would never do so again. But what’s the use of that? Without the least forewarning, she shows up here.
When I sit here and write in my journal − only about the things I have experienced − she suddenly stands behind me, like the other day, when I put down my pen and left my diary. I hear nothing and don’t notice anything until I feel an electric shock run through my every nerve, urging me to look up, and then − − −
One example: I sat writing in the library after the Count had bid me goodnight. Suddenly, while writing those last lines on the previous page, I felt the urge to go up to the top floor − to the tower room next to the portrait gallery. Something drew me there against my will. I fought against it with all my might and continued to write, but it felt as though some voice were whispering in my ear, incessantly, “Why do you not come up? I thought you would visit us. I have so much to talk about with you. You will come. Remember that you are expected.”
I didn’t go up there – there I will not go again while I’m still in control of myself − but although I have considered myself tougher than most other people, I am so weak. I can control my body, but my inner man I cannot. 
Physically I was not there, but something in my inner man obeyed her and called her to me. I continued to write, but then I suddenly sensed her presence. The pen dropped from my hand − I looked back and saw that she stood behind the chair, gazing at me with those eyes that are like radiant beams, cutting through bone and marrow. − − −