Sample excerpts from the English translation

While in Castle Dracula, Harker discovers that the Count is the leader of an international diplomatic conspiracy, aiming at overthrowing Western democratic institutions:

Harker reads a letter revealing that the count masterminds an international elitist Counter-revolution.

I no longer hesitated to read the letter lying open next to me. It was in French and was signed by a well-known man.
Its author expressed his gratitude for a very high remittance, which he’d received from the Count with the honoured letter of 16 May – that is to say, last week – and he wrote that he’d completed the missions that had been entrusted to him with that message. After various elusive paragraphs − in which several people were named by their initials only − the letter reached its conclusion, reading,

“With tireless dedication, everything is finally set for the great revolution. Our cause acquires new followers every day. Those of mankind who are ‘chosen’ have suffered for far too long under unbearable oppression, bigotry, and the shame of majority rule. We have outgrown these slave morals and will soon have reached the point where we can preach the message of freedom.
The world must bow before the strong ones.”

This is the very phrase constantly repeated by the Count.