Sample excerpts from the English translation

One of the most horrifying scenes of the Icelandic version is the moment, when Harker discovers what the Count and his followers really do, down in the castle's secret vault:

When Harker explores the Castle, he witnesses sacrificial ceremonies taking place in a temple-like room.

There was a large arched vault down below, with a very low ceiling held up by two stout pillars supporting the roof. It appeared that the walls werent made of brickwork but were carved into the rock. They were pitch-black with soot left by the burning torches the source of the light I had seen and the waves of smoke billowing up the stairs.

Below me there was a mass of people, men and women in separate groups; there might have been 150 people altogether.  [...] They were all bare to the waist, and it was horrendous to see their yellowish-brown frames, with muscular structures more like that of apes than humans. [...] In front was a large marble staircase, where I saw that six brutes were sitting; they were even more ape-like than the rest. They were perched on their heels and were staring at the wall on the other side. I saw that the hateful characteristics, so evident in the faces of the others, were multiplied in these individuals. Their foreheads were receding, wrinkled, and barely an inch high; they had hair like straw growing from their big heads; their necks were like that of a bull and they had very broad shoulders. All six were stark naked, revealing their tan − and very hairy − bodies. [...]

The same chord Id heard while coming down the stairs started up again. The whole vault resounded with the same tones of horror. If the trumpets used by the priests of Israel when they marched around Jericho were akin to these, its no surprise that the city walls collapsed. The rock began to tremble and I felt myself begin to pass out. [...]

After various ceremonial procedures, which were of such a nature that they cannot be described, I saw the six men if one can call them such enter the room again two by two, each pair leading a young girl with her hands tied behind her back. The girls were all practically naked, of luscious build, and with most lovely looks. They probably would have appeared exceptionally alluring had they not been disfigured by terror.
TThen came another group of men who looked like the rest. They carried archaic looking drums that made a rare sound, which most resembled the rumble of thunder. 
Next, four men came forward who were unlike the others. They carried shiny copper trumpets that were almost as tall as the men themselves. I realised they were the source of the trumpet sounds Id heard.

Now the whole congregation approached the altar, whereupon the old man dressed in red − the Count, as far as I could see − stepped forward to read some kind of ceremonial invocation. The trumpet players sounded their instruments again, and in the same moment, one of the gorillas grabbed the fettered girl next to him and threw her lengthwise onto the altar. She struggled, as if fighting death itself.

A moment later the red-clad Count advanced towards the girl. He bent over her, staring hard into her eyes. I saw her face begin to change; little by little the fear seemed to fade and, after a while, her deathly pale cheeks were flushing normally again. It was as though shed given up her resistance, her lips parting in a lascivious smile. She closed her eyes halfway, leaned her head back, and opened her arms. And then she seemed to swoon.

The old man gestured to one of the scoundrels kneeling by the altar, who promptly jumped onto the girl like a wild beast. I could hardly stop myself from crying out.
I saw how he bit her throat, seeming to suck her blood. She struggled for a moment, but it happened in a flash. She was dead.