English editing team

Although Hans has learned and used English for over 45 years and surely feels able to communicate in it on an academic level, the language has some stylistic peculiarities which only native English speakers are truly familiar with. For this reason, the assistance from Lounette Loubser and her sister Pienete Coetzee from South-Africa, speaking English - next to Afrikaans - since they were toddlers, was very welcome.


Lounette Loubser

Lounette Loubser is a young writer with a degree in Linguistics from Stellenbosch University. We called her in from South Africa to transcribe the English version of Makt Myrkranna and help with editing. Aside from her editorial and journalistic work she is also a budding actress and photo model. 

Pienette Coetzee

Pienette Coetzee is Lounette's older sister, who moved to Germany in 2013. She studied Graphic Design at Stellenbosch Academy and Ilustration at Stellenbosch University. She teamed up with Hans in Spring 2014, to assist him with various artistic projects.