Additional Projects

We are planning several additional projects related to our English translation of Makt Myrkranna.

  • Both the English and German editions will be annotated. See page on ANNOTATION.

  • We are working on a German translation based on our research for our English translation; Translations in further languages may follow. See page on TRANSLATION.

  • We already created floorplans of the castle as described in the Icelandic edition of Dracula - see CASTLE section

  • We are planning to make a boardgame based on these floorplans, including the individual goals of the novel's characters. See page on BOARD GAME.

  • In September 2014, Hans compiled a 25-page research report in the publication and reception history of Makt Myrkranna in Iceland, bridging the gap between the Anglo-American and the Icelandic discourse on this early translation/modification of Dracula.